Magic Lessons- Book Review

A huge thank you to Edelweiss, Simon & Schuster, and Alice Hoffman for this ARC of Magic Lessons.

For all of us fans of Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic, we finally learn the story of the legend, Maria Owens, the woman who cursed love for all generations of Owens women.

Maria Owens was abandoned at birth and discovered by a wise woman, Hannah. Maria was raised by Hannah in the forest, enjoying her quiet childhood alongside her constant companion, her familiar, a crow names Cadin. As Maria grew, she became increasingly aware of her skills in the “unnamed arts” skills that could cause her trouble if the public knew about it. But Hannah kept Maria safe in their forest home, where her life was happy…. until it wasn’t. After tragic events left Maria running for her life, her travels led her eventually to 1600’s Salem, Massachusetts, not the place for a practitioner of the “unnamed arts.”

Despite Maria living a life committed to being a friend to countless women, helping them with their problems, all while being careful to adhere to what Hannah taught her, “do as you will, but harm no one,” she finds herself in an impossibly difficult situation. The unjust treatment she received from someone who should have cared more left her furious. In her anger, Maria unleashes a curse that would be felt for generations.

Magic Lessons is just so good. Alice Hoffman will surprise you and hold you captive, one page after the next. The ominous 1600s Salem witch hunt vibe is felt throughout. Hoffmans writing is spellbinding as she weaves the incredible story of the Owens matriarch, Maria. One of many quotes I love from this book:

Read as many books as you can. Always choose courage.
Never watch another woman burn. Know that love is the only answer.
~ Alice Hoffman

This prequel has left me wanting to read The Rules of Magic and Practical Magic again. If you are a fan of Alice Hoffman and the Owens family, then this is a must-read, and how brilliant to release this book in October!

This book will be released on October 6, 2020 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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