Spiritual Practices for the Brain- Review

Thank you NetGalley, Loyola Press and Anne Kertz Kernion for an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review. 

Spiritual Practices for the Brain: Caring for Mind, Body, and Soul is the book I have needed since 2020 started! As a long time fan of Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Avila, I recognize the value of spiritual and meditative practices. But as it goes in life, I often forget to use the tools and examples I have been given, forgetting is so easy. This book is a fantastic reminder, encourager and set of tools to bring me back to nurturing these all important habits that are salve to my soul.

The book is broken into chapters that focus on intentional steps to take to improve spiritual and physical health. She supports her views and suggestions with current research. As a professor, I always enjoy cited sources. She provides suggestions including focused breathing, gardening, practicing kindness, living in gratitude, exercise and even play as opportunities to improve our lives, mind, body and soul. 

I love the practical and friendly style of her writing. I love the quotes she included. Every chapter was so relatable and practical. Beginning the book with the information about the importance of taking a minute to breath is huge. Breath work has such a huge impact on our state of mind, whether we are in fight or flight or using our breath to bring us to the present moment- how we breath influences everything! Anne Kurtz Kernion demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in the topics she discussed, the research she cites and the wisdom she shares. 

This book is truly written for everyone. You do not need to belong to a specific faith group to find value in the practices outlined in this book. Given how chaotic 2020 has proven to be, I cannot help but think we all can benefit from tending our mental, spiritual and emotional health. I definitely recommend this one!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Length: 144 pages

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