Enchanted Herbal- Book Review

Thank you, NetGalley, Llewellyn Publication, and Gail Bussi, for the digital arc of Enchanted Herbal: Connect to Nature and Celebrate the Seasons in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely love this book! I love how the content is organized around the seasons and how nature can teach us to recognize the seasons and cycles in our own lives. These seasonal chapters organize the book:

  • Spring: creation and renewal 
  • Summer: abundance and passion 
  • Autumn: celebration and harvest 
  • Winter: peace and reflection 

Each chapter/season includes these sections: 

  • Heart Notes: thoughts and simple rituals/magic for each season’s rhythm 
  • Create: simple body/beauty products to make, as well as ideas for a natural home 
  • Nurture: ideas for natural health and wellbeing on every level, both physical and spiritual Grow: practical inspiration for planting, growing and harvesting one’s herbs and other aromatic plants, and other ideas for garden magic and enchantment 
  • Taste: seasonal recipes using herbs, spices, and flowers in delicious ways

Each season aims to identify ways to grow through self-discovery and using herbs to aid in this process. The tone of the book is very nurturing while also sharing reliable information about herbs and their benefits. I also love the focus on nature. We’ve become such a frenetic culture of being overly digital with our faces in screens far more than is healthy. Shifting our focus to nature is a much-needed reprieve from our overly social media. 

This book includes seasonal recipes and guidance on using herbs to eat, things to drink, things to do, happy home, and body care. As an herbalist, I love that she encourages the reader to keep a  Green Alchemy Journal, a journal for recording recipes, ideas, experiments, illustrations etc. as you experience herbs throughout the year.  There is an abundance of information on herbs available on the internet and countless books dedicated to herbs’ specific properties, etc. My experiences have taught me that to know and understand an herb, you need to spend time with it. Instead of learning superficial information about many herbs,  select a few for each season, and really get to know them well. This book by Bussi coupled with keeping your own seasonal herb journal is an excellent way to focus your energy on learning herbs and the different ways we can benefit from their many uses. Each season is filled with recipes, meditations, rituals, and journaling prompts to guide you in learning about and experiencing herbs.

I also love her recommendation of keeping a moon journal. Like the seasons of the year, the moon moves through predictable cycles each month. I love recognizing nature’s cycles and how closely we are connected through them. Finally, the appendix of this book is filled with useful information. Enchanted Herbal is a book I highly recommend to anyone interested in herbs and living an inspired life.

Pages: 288
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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